Business Scaling and Investments Academy
Orientation and engagement of international IT-projects to
specific Russian locales and reality
Our localization services
Introduction of new business solutions to hitherto unexplored marketplaces
Expansion into new countries and regions of presence.
Complete set of locale oriented business related services
marketing, customer/service provider interface, transaction operational security, and customer support
Distribution and service associates network and direct sales coordination.
Key requirements for IT-solutions's
successful localizing
(Software, games, equipment, service):
1. Clients, resellers/agents, loyal customers interactive platform development and support.

2. Integrated effective sales strategies and agent network coordination by way of multilevel training, overall satisfaction and demand assessment.

3. Effective financial plan development and actualization facilitating return on investment at the locale.

4. Accommodating a presence effect at the locale for the purpose of facilitating brand acceptance and reputation build-up initiation (by way of setting up a local branch office, securing ad-slots in the media, and booths at conventions, etc)

5. Using client's native language for key-point interactions arranging the format in accordance with respective client's creed and customs.

6. Product features adjustment and fine tuning in the spectre of marketing, services, and media adaptations for predication common to customer's native language.

7. One, Three, or Five - year plan development with respect to locale particulars and speedy reflection of key opinion-generating events in the area.

8. Maximizing efficacy of local market penetration and coverage, establishing a reciprocating contact with competition for the purpose of securing well-defined market grounds.
Typical methods of marketplace entry with their particulars:
Translation agency
external localizing only - interface and marketing. No command of specific argot, no expert-like competence, no speedy reaction, distancing translated material from the interface.
Design-consultancy agency
high risk of flawed adaptations due to lack of specific expertise, no command of argot, and no knowledge of industry specific particulars.
Integration-unification consultancy
lack of experience in point-blanc marketplace entry, severely limited set of skills, nature of ties to key-client - leads to complete defeat
lack of long-term perspective due to current operative task-load, incongruency of key-interests and goals, short-term gratification expectancy, loss of enthusiasm in case of long-term commitment requirement, overwhelming dependency on locale particulars combined with shortness on room to maneuver when enough diversification efforts needed.
Difficulty expanding into foreign market.
Above mentioned basic methods should be considered with following aspects in mind:
Peculiarities in general train of thought attributed to target clientele.
Vastest marketplace segment coverage motivation deficiency.
Rules of the game
Unique local environment for client, agent, competition, and government branch interface.
High-quality performer
Want of capable partner tasked to cover localizing key-points (limited to just translation or just marketing) resulting in subcontractor deficiency as well as financial and marketing plan failure.
Low overall efficacy hindered further through exaggerated cost and inconvenience of frequent travels in order to resolve urgent issues due to want of competent local agents in the area.
Events in the region
Difficulty to react in timely fashion to opinion-generating key-events both industry and locale specific.
Qualification testing
Lax accuracy in assessing subcontractor's reliability by way of existing task-resolving skill-testing trials.
Result-oriented motivation deficiency.
Most productive conditions for entering a new marketplace
Accomplished IT-solutions foreign market access projects
(such as IT-companies, start-ups, world market forerunners)
provided reliable basis for generating effective protocols:

Market analysis
Major project re-distribution methodology hypotheses development, launch, and analysis, as well as brand localizing, visualization, positioning, and sequestering from competition.
Reliable data supported financial, marketing plan and sales strategy contrivance.Разработка финансового и маркетингового плана, стратегии продаж на основе реальных данных
Legal clearance
Fictitious name registration in designated constituency to support massive marketplace vendor transaction volume (for distributor acting as an agent)
Selection and training of core personnel to effectively carry on with main functional protocols.
Sales launch and localizing site, marketing tools, interfaces.
Tech support personnel training, native language tech support launch and coordination.
Sales network contrivance by way of sales agents. Training of said agents in sales and tech savvy.
Partner network
Key partner selection for the purpose of achievement of targeted sales volumes.
Сompleted projects
Bitdefender - world leader in information security, antivirus solutions manufacturer. In the process of cooperation with BSI Academy, a full cycle of solution localization in Russia was implemented - marketing information translation, launch of sales through a Russified site, localization of all anti-virus products and launch of Russian-language technical support, sales and partner network development. For 2 years, the network of partners consisted of more than 100 local major IT players. Sales for 2 years exceeded $ 1,000,000
X I Store
X I Store - retail chain selling electronics production MI (Xiaomi). Thanks to the cooperation with the BSI Academy, as well as the systematization of work and legal support, including foreign economic activity, the development of network standards, training, the company has opened more than 140 points throughout Russia for 2 years.
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